About Us

  • Company Overview

We are an international trading company with professional and experienced staff. Our expertise in sourcing, supply chain management, and quality assurance ensures the delivery of quality products meeting the expectations of our clients at a competitive price.

Being an international trader we involve in both import and export business transactions in order to meet the demands/requirements of both local markets in Sri Lanka and the international markets worldwide.

  • What we do

Exports out of Sri Lanka

Our main export commodities are plant-based food and food supplements originated from Sri Lanka. We have our own brand name “Aayuki” under which we have developed a range of premium quality products for the export markets.

Our current product range includes herbal tea, spices, Virgin coconut oil, bee honey, unique range of rice and also Vanilla. Our core objective is to introduce and promote unique high-quality products originated from Sri Lankan soil to export markets in the world. The main target markets are Japan, China, and Europe. To fulfill our objectives, we have been working closely with the Export Development Board in Sri Lanka to develop a very reliable supply chain to ensure sustainable product supply with quality assurance. We constantly make an effort to identify unique marketable products which we could supply from Sri Lanka and add them into our current product range.

Imports to Sri Lanka

Our main import commodities are sports equipment, promotional gift items, shapewear, and fashion accessories to the local market in Sri Lanka. Our focused target markets are government and commercial organizations, banking sector, entertainment industry and public ministries such as the Sports Ministry, Defense Ministry.

We have business agreements with several professional suppliers both international (China & Japan) and local so that we could supply the right quality at a competitive price. With the current supplier network, we are able to undertake both small and large orders. Moreover, all our shipments are subject to quality inspection by professional and well-experienced quality control staff appointed by the company.

Promoting our brand “Aayuki” to the local market in Sri Lanka

Other than exploring the exports markets worldwide, we are also focusing on promoting our own brand “Aayuki” to the local consumers in Sri Lanka. In this effort, we are trying to give the opportunity to the local consumers also to consume our unique product range under “Aayuki” brand at an affordable price.

How we support the local community in Sri Lanka

  1. Local small farmer groups: We source mainly from small farmer groups providing them an opportunity for them to make their products available to exports markets in the world.
  2. Preserve traditional Herbal receipts: We support the cultivation of herbal plants in Sri Lankan soil. Our objective is to identify specific medicinal plants, their usage and the potential of producing health-related food supplements.
  • Our Strengths

Our own partner organizations

We have two sister companies respectively in Yokohama, Japan under the name of “Maajaa International Co. Limited” and in Copenhagen, Denmark under the name of “Sineklo Aps”. Moreover, we are currently exploring the possibility of setting up our own trading house in China, as well. These sister companies are a huge advantage for us to develop our exports to overseas markets. In addition, we are planning to introduce some unique country-specific products form those origins to Sri Lankan local market.

Reliable supply chain

Our carefully developed supply chain is a great advantage for us to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.